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Natsumeku! ☀️

Natsumeku! ☀️

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If a love letter to summer could be transformed into a design, it would look just like this. Natsumeku! (なつめく!) captures the essence of those first warm days when summer starts to blossom, bringing with it all the joys of the season. Imagine fresh, cold fruit on a hot day, memorable nights dancing to obon songs, and all the unforgettable summer moments shared with friends and loved ones. 

Your Ultimate Summer Tee

This classic short-sleeved baby tee is crafted from micro rib fabric that stretches for extra comfort. Made with 100% cotton, it's designed to keep you cool and comfy all summer long. Embrace the fun and relaxation that summer has to offer with this perfect tee!

Note: This drop will be operating on a pre-order system. Pre-orders will close Wednesday, July 31. Once orders are placed, they will be fulfilled and shipped out after their processing time of 3 weeks.

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