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Yo! x Studio Sando Daruma in Little Tokyo Tee

Yo! x Studio Sando Daruma in Little Tokyo Tee

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Introducing our first Yo! x Studio Sando Collab: the "Daruma in Little Tokyo" tee! Inspired by our love for Little Tokyo and the wishes we have for the space and our community, this sand-colored shirt in Sarah Ando's signature style is a must-have. 


Sarah Ando (aka Sando) is a creative thinker and third-generation Japanese-American who focuses on creating community centered and educational art. Whether it’s through design, photography, painting, you can find her always working on something new!


Did you know the colors and designs of a Daruma all have significant meaning?

  • Eyebrow & beard represents cranes and turtles symbolic for longevity
  • Gold represents money and wealth
  • Black is meant to ward off bad luck 
  • Red is the color Darumas are typically painted!! Some say its based of the Bodhidharma’s robes, other’s say it’s simply just red.
  • Little Tokyo landmarks throughout the design to establish the illustration in our favorite place


Note: This drop will be operating on a pre-order system. Pre-orders will close Friday, October 13. 

Once orders are placed, they will be fulfilled and shipped out after their processing time of 3 weeks.

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